Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WOM 10ish


Adam, Andrew and I have been meeting semi-regularly, as well as playing trivia with Kevin and Brandon and voxing with Ross. The one thing that comes up regularly, other than Deez Nuts, is when will the next gathering be?

Well, let me be the first to open the discussion. We want to get something on the calendar soon, and make it come if you can type of event. It's this weekend, every year. If you can make it, great. If not, we'll see you next time. With work, kids, wives, etc this seems about the only way to do it moving forward.

Adam has thrown out Presidents day weekend, but Landon has sired many children in the month of February so that could pose a permanent problem. Open to ideas here, so leave them in the comments. Or join voxer and get in on our group chat. Be prepared to LITERALLY have you phone blow up.

I think we are all a little like this guy. Working for the man has us driving the Cadillac, the Flagilac if you will. But we still have the urge to let the flag fly a little bit. The freak flag. The urge is so strong that we have to open the sunroof on a Wednesday and let it rip. The flag that drinks High Life and Code Red. Manmosas. Basically anything mixed with High Life.

So lets hear your thoughts. Your concerns. Your fears. Your hopes. Your dreams, dare I say.

Valar Morghulis.


The Nunley said...

Open to dates. What do yall thing? Seth and Aaron will have the longest so we will also need a good central place to meet.

I think the only way to move forward though as we all have tons of stuff is to just pick a weekend and keep it there every year. The. We can all plan around it. So again what do yall think?

Aaron said...

some of the original gatherings were MLK weekend. not much going on that time of the year except NFL playoffs.

and freeze your balls off cold. that means good whisky sipping weather

Jones said...

Let's make it happen. Fast

JDL said...

MLK day is Harpers birthday this year. It's on a Monday so it doesn't rule me out completely.

Aaron said...

if we are going to try to avoid birthdays then everyone should list their birthdays that matter. for kids that aren't as important you don't have to list their birthdays. actually don't post them. email them in the string

Andrew said...

My vote is MLK weekend. I like the cold. I like sitting outside by the fire. I like sipping whiskey.

Justin, if Harper's birthday is on Monday, WOM is usually Friday, Saturday, Sunday, so no interference, I say.

Andrew said...

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to waiting for 10:00 when tickets go on sale for Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella at TPAC. #dadlife

Aaron said...

we should be pretty good for MLK for a few years at least

Mon Jan 18 2016 Martin Luther King Day National holiday
Mon Jan 16 2017 Martin Luther King Day National holiday
Mon Jan 15 2018 Martin Luther King Day National holiday
Mon Jan 21 2019 Martin Luther King Day National holiday
Mon Jan 20 2020 Martin Luther King Day National holiday

Kevin said...

"Come if you can't or if you can't." - numbnutz

The Nunley said...

But Kev, finding a good date to start is important!